Teaching freshmen composition, presented to you in gifs

Making my very first syllabus and class schedule

My first year of teaching

Introducing myself to the class during my first semester of teaching

Introducing myself to the class during my second semester of teaching

When a student acts like a jerk the first day of class

When my students whine, groan, or complain

When I stumble over my words in class

What it’s like when a student asks me a question I don’t know the answer to

After I announce class won’t meet the day before spring break

When my friends get to go out while I have to stay in and grade

When I tell students to get into groups and they hurry to be with their friends

When I think a student’s paper is going to be good, but then it has a weak conclusion

What office hours are like during most of the semester

What office hours are like the day before final portfolios are due

When students say they are done with peer workshop and ask to leave early

When I offer extra credit

When a student friend requests me on Facebook

When I walk into a faculty meeting

When a student is perpetually late to class

When a student asks me to extend the deadline on a paper

What I really wanted to say

When I get in the zone while I’m grading

When a student lists Wikipedia as a source

When students give excuses on why they didn’t finish a paper over the weekend

When I know they spent their weekend most likely doing this

When a student cites everything correctly on a first draft

When students start talking about their personal lives during conferences

When a student’s phone goes off in the middle of my lecture

When a student repeatedly messes up there/they’re/their in a paper

When a student tries to correct me in front of the entire class

snape gif Pictures, Images and Photos

When I go to bar after I finish grading final portfolios


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35 thoughts on “Teaching freshmen composition, presented to you in gifs

  1. I identified with so many of those GIFs,both as a former homeschooling teacher and as a writer who is continuously mentally editing the writing in some publications, including many blogs.

  2. Brilliant! I thought this was going to be gimmicky and silly at first (though I was curious enough to look) — but it is SO MUCH MORE. A lot of thought (and video-collecting) went into this. Every single one is hilarious, and hits the mark so perfectly. Made me laugh loud — must share and share some more!

  3. This is amazing and hilarious and perfection. I’ve never taught, but finished undergrad as a full-fledged adult with a job and responsibilities and shit and was often shocked and awed by the antics of my peers. It’s amazing the shit excuses people come with and the questions they feel need to be asked. Also the complaining – I don’t get it. Shut your faces and do the work. It’s that easy.

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